Why is the promo code not working?

There could be several reasons a code doesn’t work. 1) If you’ve already used this code on your account, you cannot use it again. In this case, we recommend you asking a family or friend who has Prime to order for you. 2) If you have other items in your cart, try removing them and keeping only the item the code is good for, that helps a lot of the time. 3) You can only use one code per transaction. 4) The code is sadly not valid any more.

Where do I enter the promo code?

This answer is strictly for Amazon codes, but most other sites are about the same. You will see a Promotion Code box after you click proceed to checkout. Paste it there, then click apply. 

What does “clip coupon” mean?

In Amazon, usually next to the price of an item, you will see a small box with either a dollar or percent amount in green. Click that box and it will apply at checkout.

What does subscribe and save, S&S, S/S mean?

When we suggest to subscribe, it is to get you the best discount available. Any time you subscribe to an item (on Amazon), you are going to receive an additional discount!  You choose the frequency of the deliveries for this subscription for what is most convenient for you. *If you are only subscribing to get the discount once, you can unsubscribe after your item arrives. Please note that the sale price for your first delivery can change if you continue to keep your subscription. Amazon will email you to remind you that you have an upcoming delivery, so that’d be the best time to check the price for the second+ delivery.

What is the best way to reach you with a question I can’t find the answer to?

Please reach out to us on Facebook either in the comment section of one of our posts or private messenger for Facebook. If you send a message, we suggest you comment and tag us somewhere in the group letting us know you sent a message. We get several million messages a week, so we can miss a lot without the nudge.

Can I order multiple items with a code?

Most items will allow you to purchase multiples, but you must do so in the same transaction. Once you use a code on an account, you cannot go back and decide to use it again. If you only see the discount for one, then you will know it only works on one. *You cannot purchase multiple items with different codes at once. One code at a time. 

What do I do if the link isn’t working?

A lot of the time we are browsing from our phones, and we’ve found that if you turn off your WiFi and use your cellular data, the links almost always work. So if it’s giving you trouble, we suggest trying that. If it’s still not working, it’s Courtney’s fault 😜

I am a seller and would like to share my deals with you?

You can send your deals to Courtney or Kim’s Facebook messenger. We are extremely overwhelmed with sellers right now and if we aren’t already cooperating with you, chances are we cannot take on new sellers at this time. 

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